Gobo Service, a first class service.

Gobo Service produces glass and metal gobos offering a first class service in terms of responsiveness to customer requests and fast delivery.

Goboservice produces glass and metal gobos offering a first class service in terms of responsiveness to customer requests and fast delivery. With a talented team of graphic designers ready to bring your ideas to life, Goboservice is highly capable of providing the solutions you need.

In today’s evolving market and changing customer behaviour, pure talent and quality of products or service are not enough to get the attention you need. Visual effects play a big role in keeping customers and spectators interested in what you are offering. Whether you are hosting an event or performing on a packed venue, gobos will help keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Find out more about these innovative tools and the way they can help convey your message.

Gobo example

What are Gobos?

Gobos are design tools that are placed in front of projectors or any lighting device to cast an artistic image, a company logo, or a compelling message. These tools are simple to use, but have a profound overall effect.

They are a common sight in musical venues when artists want to create the illusion of moving shapes or objects for their performances. Companies can also use them to project their logos, along with images and text, during events and promotions.

Gobo Service has been producing gobos for more than a decade. Through this experience, we have forged a solid reputation for providing quality products and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Our standard and custom gobos allow you to maximise the use of light and visual elements during an event. We carry the finest options to help you succeed in your projects.

Standard Gobos

Goboservice has an online catalogue that carries over a thousand unique designs that can be used for any occasion. Use the category filter on the left hand side to narrow down your search. This will save you time and help you find the right tool easier. Feel free to add the gobo of your choice to your cart or wish list, or compare it to other designs in the catalogue.

Custom Gobos

If you need more specific designs – don’t panic. Goboservices’ laboratories can create customised metal or glass gobos on the same day as your order. These are great options for projects that need to project artwork, text or pictures. You will have the option of multiple colour schemes, and even greyscale – take a look at the catalogue to see the many possibilities.

Custom Glass Gobos


Stage and Outdoor Shows Made Even Better

Do you want to create an original scenery using astonishing visual elements? Our gobos are a perfect choice for your indoor or outdoor light show. Add some colours to make your presentation even more compelling and entertaining. Choose among our stock gobos or have your tool customised by one of our design labs.

We put great emphasis on the design of our gobos. You can be sure that you will get something to take your presentation to the next level. We have glass and metal gobos that are superior in terms of quality, design, durability, and value for money. Our global team has been providing reliable solutions for more than 10 years and we are confident that we are doing the right thing for our clients. The gobos we produce are ideal for events that require the projection of still and moving text, shapes or images. These include:

  • Cultural and entertainment shows
  • Light shows
  • Musical events, such as concerts and stage plays
  • Opening and closing ceremonies of sporting events
  • Nightclubs and other musical venues
  • Art exhibits
  • And many others

 Gobo outside event example

A Creative and Entertaining Way to Promote Your Brand

We offer a creative and innovative way to convey your message and promote your brand. Our projectors and gobos make your brand more visible to your target market. You can use them to show off your logos and advertisements on the side of your building or for any architectural lighting projects. Your ads are sure to induce curiosity in people and get their attention. Combine creative visuals with compelling copies to achieve the best results.

Gobos are also ideal for projecting commercial art images and dynamic visual effects, such as dancing fire and water, falling star or snow, and any other moving objects. You can likewise use them in your product launches, promotions and trade show booths. If you are looking for a complete package (a projector and a set of gobos), we are happy to provide exactly what you need.

Customise Your Gobo Today

The type of gobo that you will need depends on your goal and the requirements of the application. Tell us where and how you want to use the tool and we will design it accordingly, with the artwork and colours you want. We will have your gobo customised in one of our design and manufacturing facilities. It only takes us one day to produce a custom gobo and we offer same or next-day delivery for rush orders. Call us to discuss your needs and expectations.

Give us the details, including the style, colour, design and material. You may choose among the patterns available on our online catalogue or give us your own patterns (if there is any). Let us know if there is any special request. We need to know the brand and model of lighting fixture or projector you are using, so we can manufacture a gobo that fits perfectly. This is likewise important to avoid any problem caused by incompatible tools. We need the following information as well:

  • The number of gobos you need
  • The date you need the gobo/s
  • Shipping address
  • Your preferred shipping method
  • Your personal or company details


We will give you a quote once we get all the necessary information and will ship your order as discussed. The quotation includes the product and shipment cost. Check our catalogue to view our product range and add items to your cart. Fill out our online form or send us an email for any enquiries. We will get back to you as soon as possible to provide the answers and additional information you need.


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