World biodiversity day

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Goboservice endorses the initiatives undertaken to raise public awareness of the loss of biodiversity. On International Day, established on May 22, 1993 by the UN to commemorate the coming into force of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Goboservice are proposing architectural projections made using"full colour" gobos in order to maximize the wealth and beauty that results from the meeting of bothhuman and environmental diversity.

It is the great lesson given by mother nature, which man continues to ignore. Biodiversity is dying out at an alarming rate in every region of the world. According to the executive secretary of the CBD, Cristiana Paşca Palmer, "this loss of nature exacerbates other global problems such as climate change, water, food and public health and can potentially lead to disastrous results for the future of mankind on this planet."


As responsible protagonists who are aware of economic dynamics, me must ask ourselves how we can contribute to sustaining biodiversity. We need to make a very strong creative effort to promote proper awareness of this issue. According to the accredited research of the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research “As a result of mankind’s actions we stand on the edge of a sixth mass extinction, even greater than the one that put an end to dinosaurs, 65 million years ago."  ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale) states that "a lot has to be done in terms of communication and information, to emphasize the value of biodiversity and natural capital”. They conclude: “The protection of biodiversity and the ecosystem must become a shared responsibility.  People from all over the world need a better understanding of the full value of nature to ensure its protection and sustainable use ".

Goboservice is fully aware that it is not only the law of profit that should regulate the market; productive and commercial strategies must be implemented which promote a harmonious relationship with naturein all its multiple and diverse expressions. We stand by and actively promote these values.