2 June

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For Sunland Optics, the true meaning of the Festa della Repubblica can be found in the second paragraph of Article 4 of the Constitution: "Every citizen is obliged to perform, according to their capabilities and their choice, an activity or a task that contributes to the material or spiritual progress of society."

In other words, the company firmly believes that the value of its products is further enhanced by the quality of its services and the professionalism of its employees; men and women who make a real contribution to the growth of the nation, in the south of the country as well as the north.

The constant desire for improvement, research and innovation, attention to quality, social responsibility and respect for the environment make the GoboService brand not only a reference point in the international market of architectural projections but also a model of civil promotion. GoboService, is a proud bearer of the world famous “Made in Italy” label, which represents not only the quality and style of our products but also the human values behind the production of our gobos and projectors.

The institutional referendum of June 2, 1946 marked the birth of the Italian Republic, and GoboService celebrates one of its fundamental aspects which is best expressed in the words of one of the country’s greatest performers, Roberto Benigni: "loving your work is the truest form of happiness on earth ".