GOBOSERVICE at the ADC Group Event Festival

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Imagine an old factory where at the beginning of '900 pioneered the "Caproni", the first glorious Italian airplanes that managed to fly in the air mostly as a result of unconsciousness of pilots and engineers rather than the laws of physics and dynamics. Now imagine that factory in Milan, which 100 years later becomes "The Workshops of Flight" and put us in the limelight of the Italian communications agency ...

The ADC Group Event Festival, the early summer event is celebrated on the red carpet and reserved for the main players of the strategic live communication market whose profit in Italy only is estimated to be over one billion Euros per year. GoboService, for the first time, participated in the evening as a technical sponsor, familiar with the innovations in the sector.

The patron of the evening and the inspirer of the company, Salvatore Sagone, must have been infected by the adventurous spirit that still hangs under the austere vaults of the old factory, the fact is that the creative and operational enthusiasm ... "flew high" among the people creating a shared feeling of passion and proactive energy.

GoboService have also contributed to the event with its architectural projectors. Three Golive400, equipped with the automatic image changer and 56/115 mm optics helped ADC Group introduce themselves to the community, demonstrating how simple and effective a presentation can be with the light, colour and versatility of our glass gobos.

The 'Punto a capo' (by Alfredo Accatino), an engaging theatre piece that was staged that evening, showed the audience the relationship between communication agencies and customers in a fun way, to laugh together at what characterizes relationship with a client, but above all, to think about the values โ€‹โ€‹of transparency, trust and collaboration: the values that also identify GoboService. And then โ€“ dances with The Music Box and good food to top off the wonderful evening.