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How many of us know that blood is not a liquid but a tissue?

And how much is still unknown about the precious element that runs in our veins? And that, for example, giving it is good - very good - not only to those who receive it, but also to the donor himself, whose body is stimulated to again supplement the part removed from circulation.

To remind us of the importance of a simple yet highly esteemed  gesture, GoboService made a good use of their  projectors on World Blood Donor Day, projecting this year's slogan - "Be there for someone else. Give blood, share life.

GoboService wanted to contribute to the anniversary on the June 14th - the birth day of the blood group discoverer Karl Landsteiner, to emphasize the great social and human value of this gesture and to guarantee free, anonymous periodic blood donations around the world through associations.

Two projections were made in Reggio Calabria with a Golux600 Goboprojector. The first - on the wall of the transfusion centre at the Morelli Hospital and the second - on the façade of the Avis headquarters building confiscated from the mafia. The "glass gobo" with the logo of the event, the slogans and the title of the day were projected to remind us that ideas are nothing without men who realize them. In both places the competent staff  are welcoming donors from Monday to Saturday to carry out the transfusion. Just an hour of time for a gesture with incredible implications.

With the scientific achievements, consolidated experience and the standardization of donation protocols, it remains incomprehensible how persistent, especially among young people, irrational resistance is. "I'm afraid of needles" is a counter-slogan that many murmur with a hint of embarrassment aware of the fragility of motivation. Overcoming that irrational fear or succumbing to it can save lives of, for example, leukemic patients, who need continuous transfusions. So we at GoboService wanted to shed light on the civic transfusion centres - the only place where you get rich by donating.


 Some numbers on blood donation in the world:


• 112.5 million blood donations are made each year globally.

• About half of these donations come from high-income countries, where only 19% of the world's population lives.

• In developing areas, up to 65% of blood transfusions are given to children under the age of 5 years.

• In high-income countries, 76% of all transfusions are for citizens over 65.

• The donation rate per thousand inhabitants is 32.1 in high-income countries, 14.9 in medium-high income countries, 7.8 in medium-low income and 4.6 in low-income countries.

• In over 70 countries, more than 50% of the donated blood comes from family members or paid donors.