The light at the service of promotion

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The majestic remains of an ancient Benedictine abbey after an important conservative restoration came back to life with a new communicative function. The Sant'Eusatchio Abbey, the archaeological complex in Nervesa della Battaglia, in the province of Treviso (in the north of Italy), became a magical setting for highly effective promotional events.

Momon, the Treviso company which specializes in the production of prams and accessories, was supported by Ideeuropee who realized the artistic part in launching the new collection for 2019. If Ideeuropee's slogan was to "give shape to emotions" Goboservice has contributed to the event by giving ... "light to shapes" through professional hosting of the company “DJs for Party”.

A gobo engraved in Goboservice’s  workshops projected a Momon logo with a Claypaky VIP 300 projector on the remains of the monastery. The image details were accurately reproduced on the arch, almost as if they had been painted. Only light projections create that subtle bridge between past and present, the bridge that respects time itself and a client’s wish without damaging fragile walls of the religious artifact. Furthermore, the standardization of our gobos constitutes an additional element of guarantee of the projected message. The glass or metal stencils are suitable for any type of projector or moving head. And so, while beautiful models presented the strollers and the fascinating violinist Anna Nash performed, the brand Momon stood out clearly on the remains of the abbey, first in the beautiful colours of the sunset and then in the darkness of the night effectively impressed in memory of the guests of the party.


PHOTO: Francesco Esci