New Animation Wheels

Our graphic designers are already designing products for autumn and winter. On the GoboService Store new animation discs are available for Halloween and the Christmas holidays. As regards our production processes, GoboService’s put high value on originality and attention to detail, the essential components of quality products.

hand draw Gobos

"We could have created images of the ready-made logos” - pointed out graphic designer Lorenza Ravasio while leafing through the sketches - “but we are convinced that the added value of our work consists in proposing a professional, individual and distinctive contribution from the company". Our originality is like an identity mark which makes us recognizable in the field of luminous decorations.


Halloween gobos image

Every day we carry out research and experimental works aimed at constantly innovating our gobos and projectors in order to offer GoboService customers high-level indoor and outdoor architectural projections.

What would I like to see on the building facades this autumn? What style should the images be in? What emotions should be conveyed? These are just some of the questions that spin around the head of those who, by profession, have to light up your event. From imagination we move on to graphic realization with drawings in pencil which, in just a few steps, are reproduced onto the glass discs by way of a laser. The final result is a fantastic image that warms hearts even at the coldest times of the year.


animation wheels


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