Magic Christmas with the GOBOSERVICE WHEELS

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Having already rolled out our autumn Gobo wheels, we are now ‘projecting’ our thoughts towards Christmas, with our designers busy working on new colourful and fun decorations and styles. The "Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas" animation discs, capable of bringing cheer to even the most austere surfaces, are already on display on the Goboservice online Store, along with other classic Christmas images of stylized trees, reindeer and Santa Claus.



"We have experimented by combining new images with classic ones for the Christmas holidays,” says graphic designer Lorenza Ravasio. “The goal is to offer an innovative stylistic contribution to projection design while remaining in tune with the people for whom these holidays are most important; children!”. It’s this idea which breathes life into our new effect wheel - which is ready to beam its light and artistic magic into parties, Christmas bazaars, city squares, and other urban environments wherever they may be.

 Christmas sketches

Experimentation and innovation continue to be distinctive features of Goboservice. It is only by constantly reviewing our proposals that we can continue to produce high-quality commercial products. Our strict quality control at all stages of production, together with the originality of our products means that Goboservice's continues to illuminate the entire country from North to South!

 projected image

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