All you need is love

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Eleven new “Valentine's Day" theme gobos enrich the new section of the Goboservice store ( with catalogue logos, styles, symbols and slogans created especially for lovers’ day. The collection will satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Gobo 2 colors St. Valentine


Whether in black and white or grayscale, colour or full-colour, the emotional effect generated by each individual filter is always guaranteed thanks to the care taken by the Goboservice Creative Team first in interpreting the idea and then realizing it through a mix of originality and respect for tradition.

Gobo Full Color St.Valentine

The next step is laser-etching, resulting in a product which can then be shared with Goboservice customers and end users alike. A stunning range of light, romantic and artistic products especially for Valentine’s Day.

Gobo One Color St. Valentine

And what can you project onto the interior walls of the restaurant or the square, with the help of, say,  the new Divum 30k projector? From a fluttering "Valentine's Day" message in black and white to the word "Love" in two colours. And of course there are variations of the theme! Why not add a cascade of hearts, cupids, bears and roses to heighten the romantic atmosphere! All you need is Love! Something which at Goboservice there is no shortage of!

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