Golux invades the French capital

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Golux, a new series of Gobo Projector made by Goboservice, recently debuted internationally in Paris, projecting gobos on architectural works such as La Tour Eiffel, the “Invalides” dome, the Arc de Triomphe and the National Library. The four most important monuments have unintentionally been the backdrop to the self-promotional incursions of the well-known French artist, John Hamon – the “most famous unknown face of the capital” – as the media renamed it, whose enigmatic smile has recently become more renowned than that of the Gioconda, especially now that it has been projected with a powerful and concentrated beam of light on the monuments of Paris.

GoLux at Arc the triomphe



A platinum shield for the rider of the night

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The last knight flew to Chile on a Mythos, armored with the new Gobos Platinum of Goboservice. A stellar campaign requested by the Ripley company for the launch of his new Robot Trasformer, The Last Knight, all over South America starting from the city of Santiago where, on the night of the 18th of May, the Ripley Transformers Night took place.


Golive 400 at the "King of the Flow" ceremony

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Alessio Sakara was crowned by Toyota "King of the metropolitan flow," the pulsating energy that vibrates the city, Goboservice  became its crown of light.

Gobos Toyota C-HR

The event took apart  at the headquarters Rds in Rome,it was  the final event of a contest organized by the Japanese car manufacturer in Italy to promote the new "C-HR", the compact crossover, dynamic and appealing design that captures a large share of domestic customers.


Five monuments of lights for Clay Paky’ s 40th anniversary

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Clay Paky, leader in the world of show lighting and entertainment, celebrated its 40th anniversary with in the splendid setting of “ Città Alta By Light”.The light show in Bergamo’s old upper city centre from, 7 to 25 September; it was an exciting tour of five lighting installations, set up at five different sites with the aim to enhance the architecture of the monuments.


gobos proiettati in città alta


Swing fusion between Reggio Calabria and New York with Emmet Cohen and Goboservice projections

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The American jazz pianist Emmet Cohen, together with the  drummer Elio Coppola and the double bass player Giuseppe Venezia made vibrate with emotion the Forte Gullì stones, the monumental heart of Ecolandia Park in Reggio Calabria.

Projection og miss Liberty gobo during Emmet Cohen Concert

With a sold-out concert entitled “A night in New York” the Park became the center of the world thanks to the touching notes coming from the piano played in a masterful way by the young American talent. The Trio represents an undisputed point of reference in the International music scene, it has performed in the most important American jazz club, such as Fat Cat, Roth’s, Bar on Fifht, Blue Note, Birdland. Furthermore, Cohen was a finalist in the prestigious Monk International Piano Competition  and was received in the Oval Office by President Obama. The Emmet Cohen Trio  concert was part of the Peperoncino Jazz Festival, under the auspices of FaceFest (Festival Art Creativity Ecoculture), which take care of the Summer events in Ecolandia Park.

Projection of Broadway gobo during Emmet Cohen Concert

The performance was valued by a suggestive lighting test which was very appreciated by the public. Goboservice, with his gobos and his Golive 400, enriched the scene by reproducing the Statue of Liberty and a Broadway cross-section. While it seemed people could even touch the drapery of “miss Liberty” projected on a wall, on the other side a sort of “tromp l’oeil” on Broadway created a bridge between image and imagination.

Goboservice, with its projectors and gobos, made its mark once again with the suggestive power of the light.


5 gobos, 5 logos

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The presentation in Milan of the “MEN´S COLLECTION SPRING SUMMER 2017” by Philipp Plein bounced on Goboservice gobo projections. The suggestive scenary set up by Ordo, an Italian event organization company, was enriched with our artistic products too.

Our gobos, mounted on Clay Paky Alpha Spot Hpe 1200 projectors, were used to highlight the new promoted style and create the special effects background for the launch of the new collection thought by the German fashion designer.

Sport, street style, hip hop… a summary of youthful, rock and rebel energy, summed up in the symbols of 5 high-profile American basketball teams faithfully reproduced to the smallest details by GoboserviceKings, 78ers, Bearcats, Skull and Bones and the Warriors.

One team for each gobo, projected on the floor or on the walls in a 3-D mapping experience. The models walked among cheerleaders, popcorn sellers, breakdancer mascottes, the Harlem Globetrotters artists and the famous rapper Busta Rhymes.

An exciting sequence of artistic performances made even more striking by the technological show set to give the highest prominence to the creative originality of the new collection Spring-Summer 2017.


Goboservice in Rapallo, Genoa, for the re-opening of Villa Porticciolo

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Goboservice was in Rapallo for the re-opening of one of the most prestigious and aristocrat residence of the late nineteenth century located in the Tigullio gulf, Liguria: Villa Porticciolo.

During the Rapallo golden period it was sinonimous of beauty, elegance and entertainment, today it is being reborn as an exclusive, fine Restaurant  under the “direction” of Bliss srl, a company which operates in the public relations and tourism sector.

Goboservice was chosen by Bliss to project during the vernissage and the following nights (July 8th, 9th and 10th) the new logo of the restaurant, while a selected public visited the old rooms, the promenades, the terraces of the suggestive location.

In this contest, during an elegant aperitif on the water edge, overlooking the sea, was the projection of the logo, laser-etched on a gobo and projected by a Golive 250, while a second projector enriched the scenary with a water effect.

The choice of the equipment based on the operative conditions of the projection. The short distance from the projector and the projection surface of about 12 meters brought to the choice of a Golive 250W equipped with a 56mm wide-angle lens. This solution, studied together with Goboservice technical staff, brought to the desired result.

The suggestive projection, already visible at sunset, was more and more perceivable as it became dark, the gulf filled with lights and the “sea reflection” of our water effect lighted the background of the wall where the white heart of Villa Porticciolo – Restaurant logo stood out.

Lights, flavour and sounds intertwined while inside the villa the star chef Alessandro Borghese, pleased the guests palates with his culinary creations. Several different competences met in the gulf to contribute to the reborn of Villa Porticciolo under the banner of technique, design, culture and fashion.  






Gobos at the Newseum of Washington D.C.

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Imagine a museum where is told the history of the world. It exists: it’s the Newseum in Washington D.C. . The four-floors museum, which is located on the National Mall,  houses news and multimedia messages which record decades of modern history. The events, which have marked the daily news, are told through the eyes of journalists and reporters in newspapers, frames and recordings of the news correspondents. Thousands of newspapers, hours and hours of audio and video recordings,photos, original copies.

From the outbreak of the First World War to the September 11 attacks, immortalised by a three-story parallelepiped, which is visible from every part of the Museum, with walls covered with newspapers.

Gobo projection for afi

It’s here that the AFI DOCS Film Festival took place, an event created by the American Film Institute and Discovery Channel to to showcase, honor and expand the audience for independent documentaries

AFI DOCS brought the best new documentaries to Washington, DC area audiences, showcasing 84 films representing 28 countries. This year’s Audience Award for Best Feature went to MAYA ANGELOU: AND STILL I RISE, directed by Rita Coburn Whack and Bob Hercules. The Audience Award for Best Short went to SNAILS, directed by Grzegorz Szczepaniak (Poland).

Goboservice was present with a gobo sold, through its US partner Gobosource, to Cym Media & Entertainment, one of the leading companies in marketing and event services which is a reference point for cultural events in the Washington D.C. since 2009.


2 Gobos for a #VOOM

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Goboservice was present at #VOOM2016, the most important “pitch competition” in the UK launched by Virgin Media Business, which gives small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business ideas; at stake is a prize fund worth.

Voom is the disquieting sound made by a tornado. Here it becomes the call to push the market forward by proposing innovative ideas and services.

The final ride – a real event streamed in the internet and highly expected after weeks of rigourous recruitment – was enriched by the projection of the competition logos with two powerful Mythos projectors by Clay Paky.

Gobos were manufatctured in the Goboservice facilities and commissioned by On Event Production Co. , a leading creative and technical event production company in the UK, which loves to feel and see “the butterflies in the stomach and the wows on people’s faces".

Goboservice played his small part by giving light to the #Voom2016 logo on the stage where the winners of this year’s competition were proclaimed:  “Mac Rebur – Plastic Road for the “Start-up” category, Bio-Bean - #poweredbycoffee for the “Grow” category and What a Melon Watermelon Water for the “Crowdfunder” one.


Costanera Center illuminated by Goboservices gobos

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Icardi is a Chilean company specialized in the production of promotional events. With more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and InfoTainment sector, develops high-level advertising activities for big international customers.

In Spring, Icardi accepted an important project. The launch of the “Jumbo On Fire” campaign for the supermarket  in Costanera Center, the largest business and commercial complex in Santiago,Chile that includes a eight-floor shopping mall with restaurants, stores, cinemas and convention halls. The main tower, with its sixty-two floors, is the tallest building in South America and was the backdrop of the campaign count-down.

In order to illuminate the enourmous building, taller than 300 meters, Icardi used lighting fixtures by Clay Paky, leading company in the professional lighting sector, that with its Mythos could easily cover the big distance. Mythos is a hybrid projector, with its 400W short arc lamp generates an extraordinary concentrated light beam clearly visible even at great distances. But to bear the huge light power produced, special gobos were needed, Gobos which only Goboservice could quickly supply.

These glass gobos are manufactured with a special material resistant to the critical temperature conditions and UV radiation generated by Mythos. They are covered by an innovative “coating” developed ad hoc by Goboservice R&D with Clay Paky cooperation. This coating were laser-etched  to reproduce the artworks provided by the South American customer. Goboservice is one of the world's top expert in gobos laser-ecthing.
An important step of the graphics processing managed by Goboservice has been keystoning, the correction of the distortive effect of the image due to inclined projections.  According to the data supplied by the customer, who filled in an appropiate form, reprocessed by an internal software the images were modified to eliminate the trapezoidal effect of the projection.  
The result was the spectacular green count-down visible from miles away which attracted and interested Santiago citizens with the slogan: “No te lo pierdas, ofertas!


Goboservice, a stellar company

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{jcomments on}5 golden stars for Goboservice

gobos 5 stelle

It is the more than gratifying the rating cetificated by “eKomi”, the feedback company which collects customers evaluations by means of a standardized SaaS software. 5 golden stars  but with stronger results in the French and German market, where peolple are more used to give critical feedback concerning online purchased products and services.

Real evaluations which only who bought Gobos, projectors and accessories in the Goboservice store or came in contact with our after-sale services can express using the appropriate link provided by e-mail at the end of the purchasing process.

For Goboservice the feedback of its customers is the main key through which it would like to monitor its growth.

This approach takes into account a more than consolidated data. In 2012, in the Global Trust in Advertising,  Nielsen already underlined the importance of customer and product reviews in e-commerce:”The 28 millions of online consumers active in 56 countries distributed around the 5 continents placed online reviews at the second place with the 70% of trusting (+15% in 4 years), besides the opinion of family members or friends”.

It is not a mere virtual reputation, but a real evaluation of  purchased products or services espressed in a full independent manner by the buyer and verified by “eKomi” staff, which analyses the reliability of the information reported in the evaluation form. A way of sharing satisfaction and, why not, critical opinions, useful to improve company results or to proof its own reliability in the web. In an evanescent reality like e-commerce, the consumer confidence is a main issue. Comments and reviews of people who experienced the service become essential reference points for potetial buyers.

Goboservice trusts in it and for this reason has relied on an independent certification agency, with a easy-to-use system. Thanks to it, customers have the possibility to tell their experience contributing to enhance sales reputation and performance.

The positive feedback of the market represents for Goboservice and incentive to go on with responsability and commitment on the road of quality and professionality.



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