Mapocho river illuminates its waters with art to celebrate the World Water Day.

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Part of massive celebration in the World Water Day, in Santiago de Chile, a group of 14 outstanding chilean artists was in charge to light up the water flow of the river Mapocho with amazing paintings about water in the exhibition “Mapocho Agua de Luz”. This event took place from march 22 until april 22, 2015 at Museo Arte de Luz.

Museo Arte de Luz is the first museum in the world to project art on a river’s waters and has transformed this neuralgic spot of the city in an interesting route where family and friends meet to take a walk.

Even in 2015, Goboservice produced 14 high-resolution coloured gobos representing the masterpieces of 14 chilean artists that were projected on the surface of the river Mapocho.


Fiba Basketball World Cup 2014

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Another prestigious creation for Goboservice: on the occasion of FIBA Basketball World Cupl 2014 in Sapin, Goboservice produced over 90 high-resolution coloured gobos mounted in VL3000 projectors.

This artistic lighting project started on August 29, the day before the start of the World Cup Basketball in various significant buildings in the cities hosting matches (Stone Bridge over the River Genil in Granada,  Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the walls of the Royal Alcazar, Seville and in the end to Barcelona and Madrid.

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