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“SUNLAND OPTICS s.r.l.” by means of its pro-tempore sole director, with its registered office in Reggio Calabria, Via Sant’Anna II Tronco n°28, 89100, and with its working offices in Reggio Calabria, Via Don Minzoni,14, 89125 and in Brugherio (MB) Via Lombardia n°269, 20047, acting as Data Collector for personal data processing, according to Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 (also known as Personal Data Protection Act) and according to EU applicable law, wish to express the following Privacy Policy (according to the 13th article  of the above-mentioned Act):
Our users’ personal information protection is one of the goals of website (from now on: website). Most of the website can be browsed with no need of supplying any personal information. Such kind of information can be provided only for placing orders, for purchasing items, for enjoying services offered only to registered users or for accessing the area reserved to registered users.
Such privacy policy applies only to website contents, and does not apply to other websites the user might encounter when clicking their links.

1.    Type of data

Only typical personal information are collected through website, such as name and surname, road address and email address, and only for the goals stated below. Data collector invites you not to communicate sensitive information nor legal or judicial information, because they are absolutely not needed whatsoever.
According to the 4th article of the 196/2003 Act, sensitive information are those personal data that may reveal ethnic or racial origin, religious beliefs, personal or political opinions, support for political parties trade unions organizations or associations of any kind, health conditions or sexual orientation.
Legal or judicial information are those personal data that reveal records of past convictions as well as criminal proceedings pending at the moment.

2.    Purpose of personal data collection

a.    Data provided by the user
Collection of such personal information is limited only to what is strictly necessary for carrying out the user’s orders or purchases, or for letting the user enjoy the website-related services, or for giving information to the user, and so on.

3.    Conditions of personal data processing

Personal data processing is based on necessity, according to the 3rd article of the 196/2003 Act. Personal data are gathered by filling in the appropriate forms or through statements from the concerned person when he is making orders or is purchasing, when is asking for information, as well as by the server log when the user is accessing our website.
Data are processed electronically or in paper form.
The information gathered are stored onto protected servers in controlled areas. When they are sent over the Internet, they are encrypted.
The way of collecting and processing personal information are those listed in the 11th article of 196/2003 Act, which reads as follows: “Personal data are a) processed properly and according to the law; b) gathered and stored for precise purposes, for legitimate reasons, and used in other operations compliant with these purposes and reasons; c) exact and up-to-date; d) relevant, complete and not exceeding the reasons because of which they have been gathered and processed; e) stored in a form that allows identifying the concerned person for a period of time not longer than the period necessary for the purposes for which the personal data have been gathered and processed”.
Browsing data are used in no way for profiling user tastes.

4. Submittal of data and refusal’s consequences.

Submittal of some data is mandatory, because it would be impossible otherwise to carry out the requested service. Mandatory data are starred. Other optional data might be requested as well: refusing to submit them does not affect the request’s carrying out.

5. Communication

To accomplish the above-mentioned obligations and purposes, personal data may be communicated to the following external structures or people, according to their respective tasks and duties:
Law firms; accounting firms; labour consulting firms; banks; post offices; clients and suppliers; shippers and forwarders; factoring and forfaiting firms; all the other structures that have to be informed in order to comply with the above-mentioned obligations and purposes.
Also, personal data may be communicated to judicial or public authorities fulfilling law regulations, or to the Italian Authority for Privacy Law fulfilling the duty stated at the 157th article of the 2003/196 Act.
Only the persons in charge of the data processing will have knowledge of that, according to the authorization granted by the Data Controller.
It is also possible that personal data be transferred towards EU member countries and towards non-EU countries. However, personal data will be transferred only to countries which give suitable levels of personal data protection. Transferring data always happen because of the relationship between the client or user and us, and for this reason the informed consent (according to articles 42nd and 43rd of the 196/2003 Act) does not apply in this case.

6. Spreading data

The data you provided will not be spread by the Data Controller.

7. Rights of the concerned person – Art. 7th 196/2003 Act

“Right to access your personal data and other rights”
1.    The concerned person has the right to be informed whether some personal data concerning him are existent or not, even if not registered at the moment of the request, and has the right to have his personal data communicated to him in an understandable way.
2.    The concerned person has the right to know: a) where his personal data come from; b) purposes and ways of processing his personal data; c) whether his personal data are processed electronically; d) name and details of the Data Collector, according to art. 5th of 196/2003 Act; e) whether there are people the personal data can be communicated to or who may get to know these personal data during their work as persons responsible or persons in charge.
3.    The concerned person has the right to get: a) updates, corrections, additions to his personal data; b) deletion, anonymization or prohibition to use, for the data processed against the law, included the ones whose storing is not needed for the purposes under which the data have been gathered and subsequently processed; c) the declaration of the operations under a) and b) is brought to the knowledge of the people the data have been communicated to, except for the case when doing so is impossible or takes a disproportionate amount of time or effort compared to the right under protection.
4.    The concerned person has the right to oppose, totally or partially: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning him, though relevant to the purpose of their collection; b) to the processing of personal data concerning him, for the purpose of sending advertising material or for direct sales or for market research.
8. Data collector
Data collector is “SUNLAND OPTICS s.r.l.” .” by means of its pro-tempore sole director, with its registered office in Reggio Calabria, Via Sant’Anna II Tronco n°28, 89100, and with its working offices in Reggio Calabria, Via Don Minzoni,14 phone: 0039 0965813264, fax 0039 0965307864, and in Brugherio (MB) Via Lombardia n°269, 20047 phone 0223166538, fax n. 0223165542; VAT number 02160630808; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The persons in charge of personal data processing, each one in its respective sphere, as defined by their engagement letters, and only in relation to the above-mentioned purposes, are: the head of the administrative department, the sales representative, the production manager and the purchase manager.

9. Claiming your rights

The rights mentioned in the 7th article of this Privacy policy can be claimed by the concerned person by written request, by letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt, addressed to the data collector “SUNLAND OPTICS s.r.l.” .” by means of its pro-tempore sole director, to the following address: Reggio Calabria, Via Don Minzoni,14 , 89125, and writing the sentence “Privacy Policy” on the envelope.

10. Updating Privacy Policy website may add additional services to the already existing ones. Should this imply modifications to privacy policy, this document will be corrected accordingly. The same will happen because of law updates modifying personal data protection.

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