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What determines the brightness of a projector

The lamp is only one of the factors that determine the brightness of a projector. For example, there are some projectors on the market with 575W metal halide lamps, which should be very bright, but which emit a light beam much worse than our 250W EcoSmart.

To understand the brightness of a projector, you don't have to focus on lamp's lumens, which do not actually correspond to the projector brightness; instead, you should focus on the lumens emitted by the projector, or on the lux's measured at different distances, as reported on any photometric diagram.

Projection Distance

Distances used in the explanation here on the left refer to normally-lit closed environments. Within such distances, you have a good picture visibility, but over such distances, the picture appears progressively less bright.

Approximately speaking, distances should be doubled in low light environments, and halved in brightly-lit environments. Please refer to technical data sheet for more accurate values.
Also, please note that almost no projection is visible in an outside setting in broad daylight.

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